Board Members

Ruthann Curry Brown Board Chair, Executive Committee, Nominating

Sarah Donaghy Board Vice Chair, Executive Committee, Public Relations

"I’m pleased to represent Hendrix College on the CAFTA board of directors. CAFTA offers a chance for makers and consumers of all types of art to join together in making Conway and Central Arkansas a place that values and promotes the arts. Communities that value and promote the arts are the kinds of places I want to live, work, and visit."

Tracie Spivey Board Treasurer, Fundraising & Development, Executive Committee

"I joined the CAFTA Board as Treasurer at the beginning of March 2018. My duties as treasurer are to oversee the financial health of the organization. I was interested in joining CAFTA because I have been searching for an opportunity to serve our community. When I was approached to join, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to to merge two things that I love, Conway and the Arts! I love the Arts in all of it's forms. I am energized by creative people and appreciate the process and transformation of beautiful works of art. I believe that CAFTA enriches our community by providing opportunities to recognize and promote our local artists and have a fun filled weekend with ArtsFest."

Beth Wilson Norwood Board Secretary, Nominating & Events

"I am a Conway native and I have volunteered with CAFTA and ArtsFest since 2008 officially joining the board in 2014. I earned my BA in art history from the University of Central Arkansas in 2009, and my MA, also in art history, from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2012. I teach art history at UCA, Hendrix College, and Arkansas Tech, and I serve on the City of Conway’s Public Art Board."

Vicki Bryan Crockett Nominating, Budget

I have been working in the nonprofit field for 22 years, including positions in higher education, K-12 private schools, healthcare and the performing arts. My work has included Annual Fund campaigns, alumni relations, communications, special events, marketing and audience development, capital campaigns, donor management and grant-writing. I am now in my 11th year as the General Manager of the Conway Symphony Orchestra, and while the conductor handles everything on the stage, I takes care of everything off of it!

Originally from Pennsylvania, I received my degree in linguistics at The College of William and Mary, with additional professional development through the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Arts Council, and a multitude of nonprofit workshops.

Rickey Gulley Chair, Nominating, Membership, Fundraising & Development, Public Relations

I grew up in Conway, Arkansas and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Art Education from the University of Mississippi in 1999.  I have taught art in both private and public schools for the past 17 years.  Currently I am teaching elementary art education at Jim Stone Elementary in Conway, Arkansas. I'm a member of NAEA , AEA and ASTA. Currently, I sit on the ArtsFest committee as well as the Conway Alliance for the Arts board. I have three children; Zac, Ty and Lexi.  I love to travel and to go antiquing.  I have two mini dachshunds and love to collect anything dachshund! I love Starbucks and the Ole Miss Rebels!​

Stacy Hammons ArtsFest, Artistic Program, Events

Amanda Horton Chair, Artistic Programming & Events, Public Relations, Marketing

Bryan Massey ArtsFest

Ronald Jensen-McDaniel Artistic Program & Events, ArtsFest, Fundraising & Development

"I am a new board member as of this year.  I am a huge advocate for the arts and specifically for how music can affect social change; CAFTA is an organization that I feel is in line with my ideology.  I love that the arts can connect each of us at any level of society. I think CAFTA will let the community know how the arts can bring awareness to our shared humanity."

Jenifer Kendrick Chair, Fundraising & Development

"This is my second year to serve on the CAFTA Board.  I was introduced to CAFTA through a friend and fellow art enthusiast.  I agreed to serve because of my desire to support the arts of all genres in my community.  I see CAFTA as a support tool to help encourage and connect our city’s many exciting opportunities to enjoy the arts.  My entire family has benefited from the arts in Conway. I am proud to be a part of it."

Kristen Spickard ArtsFest

"I am a photographic artist and graphic designer originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and now living and working in Conway, Arkansas. I received a BFA from the University of Central Arkansas in 2009 and an MFA from The Ohio State University in 2012. I currently work as the graphic designer and photographer for the Division of Outreach & Community Engagement at the University of Central Arkansas. I was appointed to serve on the CAFTA board of directors in January 2018 after serving as a volunteer on the Conway ArtsFest planning committee in 2016 and 2017. I now serve as the Chair of the Public Relations and Marketing committee and on the ArtsFest committee for CAFTA. I enjoy being part of CAFTA and the local arts scene because I believe that the arts contribute so much to the vibrancy and character of our community. We need dedicated artists and art supporters to create art opportunities in Conway!"