Introducing Art Marketplace Artist Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill will have his original artwork for sale at Art in the Park in Simon Park on October 3, 1pm-7pm.

Bryan Hill, born in Little Rock, AR has always wanted to use his creativity growing up and began writing songs as a teenager.  He first started writing and learning how to use music and software. He just recently finished his first novel and has began landing local acting roles. His goal in life is to write and direct movies. He’s a new and upcoming artist that feels if you’re a consistent hard worker, slowly but surely more people will know of your creations.


He promotes peace and believes all positive energy is beneficial for becoming a good artist. He firmly believes that everything we need in this world God has given us, and that as individuals we must learn how to nurture ourselves and motivate ourselves to achieve whatever it is that we want. True success comes from within. His art targets the minority community, and those like him. He understands the struggle does exist but feels it’s not the end of their generation, it is the beginning.



Bryan has desire to become a film director. In hopes of creating films that expand the minds of all people. Knowledge is power and he feels that the world wants us to realize our full potential. In the community Bryan wishes to breed a new perspective about life. Using art in all forms to create a new level of freedom. We no longer have a underground railroad system in place that teaches us how to read and write. We should teach those who want to be free how to be free.  Believing in yourself instead of hollywood and television. 


By providing opportunities to all people that are driven to reach success. Bryan believes one day he will be able to own his own film studio. The studio will help students grow into their crafts. Also will provide a way out of the endless sea companies that focus on taking your money rather than creating art and helping you become a better person. Artlysium was founded by Bryan Hill in 2012 and Incorporated in 2015.This is his attempt at creating a new world with built in systems of peace and love. In 2016 Bryan wishes to create a foundation for children who also want to use art as their modern day underground railroad. 



Artlysium is a growing community that creates positive enlightenment for the world through all art forms.

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