How to get a right moving estimate for your house or vehicle

If you are planning to move, you need to determine how to get a correct moving estimate and choose a suitable moving company. A professional mover can help you get a free, no obligation moving cost estimates. Choose a good reputation, fully licensed and insured company.

Moving companies offer no-obligation moving estimates at free of cost in your area. They also keep their contact details safe and do not share it with third party without your acknowledgment.

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In order to get a correct estimate of your move, show the mover’s agent every item that you want to move and clearly state the services you require from them. Remove the movers from your list whose estimates seem really low. Reject the shipping estimates that are offered on the phone or without checking your furniture.

A non-binding mover’s estimate shows the approximate cost of moving your items to the destination and is neither a bid nor contract. The final cost is determined later after weighing the shipment. The final price can be more than the estimated cost and moving company can ask you to pay more than the initial moving estimate after the delivery.

For extra charges more than 10%, they should be paid within a month of the delivery. With a binding moving estimate, you need to pay the quoted amount whether the shipment weighs higher or low than the estimated moving cost.  A binding move estimate simply covers the items and services offered. If you need additional service or add things that you want moved, you need to pay extra charge for them within a month after the delivery. If you receive a not-to exceed estimate for the move, you need to pay the amount of the binding estimate of the real cost that is lower.

Both binding relocation estimates and not to exceed estimates should be offered in writing and are binding on the moving service. If you are seeking for an auto transport company to offer you car or house shifting service, you should check with at least four to five moving companies and get their quotes. Right quotes will help you get a good estimate of the actual cost of moving your house or vehicle from source to destination.

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For any doubts or questions, you should contact the moving companies that supplied you with quote directly. When you hire a person handling your vehicle, you will need to provide them information about the batter and cut-off witches, hidden switches, alarms and other tricks to start and run your car. It is preferred that you don’t fill the tank and charge batteries to prevent extra charges for transport. Also do not leave open items in the vehicle that can be damaged or harm your car and make sure your vehicle’s antifreeze level is sufficient for the climate at both ends of the trip to prevent a cracked engine block. Choosing the popular transporter will ensure your classic gets from one place to another safe, sound and within a reasonable amount of time.

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